The Founder & Visionary
Chinwe Okoye
Mrs. Chinwe Okoye

Our Story

Mrs. Chinwe Okoye, a philanthropist, humanitarian, and an advocate involved in her husband’s political career – bid for the Georgia State Senate, giving her unique exposure to the intricacies of the Socio-Political environment at the Local, State, and Federal level. She became aware of how un-involved the African immigrant community is, especially women in the political arena, in key political roles and involvement in the election/campaign process. This was a very disappointing discovery to her; this needed to be changed. Being a firm believer that “Together, strong women do the impossible,” it was time to act, and act she did. Mrs. Okoye responded to this alarming lack of participation in the voting process and lack of representation at all levels of government of Africans in Diaspora by making the phone calls.  It took just a few phone calls to quickly discover that quite a good number of the African women in Diaspora across the country want to be engaged and are ready to engage members of our various communities in building a strong socio-politically active community, as well as address the welfare needs of our communities.  Hence, on September 9th, 2020, TAWPAC was formed. With grassroots support, TAWPAC set out to engage voters, partner with the various community leaders and members, and engage with elected leaders to see, hear, listen, and understand the needs of the Africans in Diaspora while developing African leaders of tomorrow globally. TAWPAC have recorded successes in these areas:
  • Helped to elect some candidates in the last general elections
  • Political awareness in the women African immigrant community
  • Voter registration, in partnership with the various organizations
  • Humanitarian intervention in an African country
  • Sickle cell awareness project
TAWPAC continuously strives to achieve its mission: To engage, inspire, & empower the African Community to be an integral voice in the sociopolitical & cultural system through advocacy, education, welfare, and collaboration to effect positive change in our communities.
Executive Steering Committee
Chinwe Okoye

Mrs. Chinwe Okoye Founder & President

Oma Utah

Mrs. Oma Utah – Ifeadike Director of Operations

Natasha Miriti

Natasha Miriti Secretary

Eugenia George

Dr. Eugenia George Busola Special Advisers

Margaret Mwendapole

Dr. Margaret Mwendapole Special Advisers

Elaine Nietmann

Atty. Elaine Nietmann General Counsel

Theresa Janjay

Dr. Theresa Janjay Jordan Finance Secretary

Jallow Coulibaly

Haddy Jallow Coulibaly Ast. Finance Secretary

Crystal Chi Ezumah

Dr. Crystal Chi Ezumah Treasurer

Committees and Committee Leaders
Mosun Adekunle

Chair: Mosun Adekunle Campaign & Volunteer Engagement

Elaine Nietmann

Chair: Atty. Elaine Nietmann Policy & Advocacy

Lois Harris

Vice Chair: Lois Harris Policy & Advocacy

Crystal Chi Ezumah

Chair: Dr. Crystal Chi Ezumah PR / Communications

Viviane Ayafor

Vice Chair: Viviane Ayafor PR / Communications

Pam Ekpe

Chair: Pam Ekpe Membership

Theresa Janjay

Chair: Dr. Theresa Jordan Fundraising

Jallow Coulibaly

Vice Chair: Haddy Jallow Coulibaly Fundraising

Oma Utah

Chair: Oma Utah – Ifeadike African & Humanitarian Affairs

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