Help drive change.

For years, women have been viewed as lesser members of the society. This notion needs to stop. Women are capable of so many things, even those that men can also do. So, it became our mission to help mothers, sisters, and daughters set their foot in their communities.

At The African Women PAC, we educate African communities about equality for all. It is our objective to help women live better lives, for example, allowing them to have successful careers.

We The Women Programs

  • I am a Leader! Women & Youths Leadership Programs
  • I am an Afri$-nomics Woman! – Economic Power, Financial Awareness and Training
  • I am an Entrepreneur! Become a small business owner
  • I represent my community! – Community leadership & Grassroot Training
  • I have my health! – Health Education and Wellness Training
  • I am an African Woman! – Cultural & Heritage Programs
  • I am an Woman I rise! – Education on gender equality, women’s rights, standing up against violence

Talk to Us!

Please feel free to send us a message to learn more about TAWPAC. We will be more than glad to answer your inquiries.

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